Ground System Equipment

STOS (Star Tracker Optical Stimulation for Sensors)

The STOS is a powerful star Tracker Optical Stimulator working like a mini-planetarium and enabling on-ground operations with a large variety of star sensors during AIT operations.

  • When the STOS is locally controlled, it can be used to perform sensor characterization, robustness analysis or simply to check good health of the sensor.
  • When it is remotely controlled in a real time closed loop environment, it is very useful to enable operating the complete spacecraft Attitude Control modes with real star sensor in the loop.

Download a free demo of STOSPilot, a powerful software application that builds the sky images in real time using current attitude and a star catalogue.

For more information on this product, please contact Philippe VIDAL :

Data Sheet
(µSTOS Product Sheet)
Data Sheet
(STOSPilot Instructions)